#Kiwi is a New Zealand based chat room located on the StarChat IRC Network.

We provide chatters with a fun & friendly chat environment to chat about anything & everything!

You do not have to be a New Zealander to chat in our room.

We welcome anyone from any country & background! :)

Please remember we are an English speaking room & we do not use txt.

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#Kiwi is open 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

However, most New Zealanders chat between 7pm and 11pm (1900hrs to 2300hrs) NZT.

If you drop in at other times there may be someone there, or feel free to wait as others may join soon.


New Zealand Time

How To Join #Kiwi

You can join our room using mIRC, pIRCh, Java, PJIRC or WebTV.
Please read below for more instructions...

mIRC & pIRCh Users:

Server: irc.starchat.net

In any window, type:  /server  irc.starchat.net

Channel/Room: #kiwi

In any window, type:  /join  #kiwi

mIRC is an easy to use chat program - a free download is available by clicking HERE

Alternatively, you can download StarChat's very own version of mIRC, called StarMirc by clicking HERE

Also, you can download StarChat's version of pIRCh, called StarPirch by clicking HERE

If you are having any problems, we can help you set up the above 3 programs :)

Java Users:

Click on this link:  http://www.starchat.net/chat/index.php?chan=kiwi

Type in your nickname - leave password blank unless you have a registered nickname.

PJIRC Users:

Click on this link:  www.starchat.net/pjirc/index.php

1. Type in your nickname

2. Type in your password only if you have a registered nickname. If you haven't, please leave it blank.

3. Under room, type: # kiwi


Our Gudelines & Policies

#Kiwi is a chat room all about having fun! Please make sure to be courteous and don't be shy - jump into the conversation!

We do not allow advertising of other rooms or IRC Networks in the room.

We do not get into discussions regarding the following: peoples race, sexual orientation, gender, age, politics, drugs, country, religious beliefs, or use foul language. If you break any of the rules, Pax may remove you from the room for a short time.

#Kiwi has an Anti-Idling Policy. This means visitors must participate in chat. Idling is defined as sitting in the room without chatting. After a period of time of being inactive, you may be removed, but please feel free to come back and visit us when you are able to chat! :)

Also, if you are planning to be away for a period of time, please be courteous and mark yourself as away. This means adding brb or away next to your nickname.
i.e. johnny_brb or johnny_away

This is to show us that you are away and not idling.

We hope that you enjoy your stay with us in #Kiwi and please do not hesitate to ask any questions if you need help.
Alternatively, you can email us


Meet Pax - Our Bot

Pax is our resident bot. She presides over the room making sure chat does not get out of hand. If you misbehave or break any of the rules, you are sure to get a friendly message from her. Persistent misbehaviour or disregarding Pax's requests will result in Pax removing you from the room.

Pax also responds to a lot of commands, some of which are listed below, but you will soon learn what she can do!


!thwop or !slap (followed by a chatters nickname)

!dress (followed by a chatters nickname)

Also, Pax will respond to you if you say hello, goodbye or ask her how she is.
E.g. hello Pax, goodbye Pax, how are you Pax?

You can also ask Pax a question by typing  !q  followed by your question.
E.g. !q is it a nice day?



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